2004 was a remarkable year that saw the sale of 674 million cell phones, and in 2005, that figure rose to 730 million. These figures testify to the immense popularity of cell phones.

The prices of cell phones depend on the brand, and the sort of features that can be found in them. Mobile applications have given a huge boost to the mobile phone industry.

Top of the range phones like the iPhone and Samsung are usually more expensive than the average brand, because of sheer amount of functions and technology they possess.

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Download & Install Best Video Calling Apps like Facetime App on PC Laptop

Video calls are no longer a luxury but more than a necessity. However, the technology behind the facility has been around for eras yet everybody relies on it heavily. In spite of everything, face to face conversations unquestionably add more personal touch to talks than those normal audio calls. Be it improving conversations with your parents, partner or best friends, it unquestionably reduces all the geographical walls and keeps you connected with your loved ones around the globe. Installing facetime on PC - Laptop. So, it must have the topmost video call software in your computer or smartphone.

Google Duo:

One useful calling app which works on Android devices and Apple. Through Google Duo installed for equally you along with the person on the other side, you may make as well as receive both videos, also audio calls for free. The simple downside the application is relatively new; thus, you may not get a lot of your contacts consuming it yet. Nevertheless, if you love the interface, you can at all times coax them onboard.


Certainly, the most popular term on this list, it has been about for a long time now. Skype has come an extensive way also has only been notching up in providing the best video calls for many years. Its interface is remaining the same, simple as well as easy to use, yet, with time the app has added many more beneficial features. The software offers equally paid and free call facility. Its paid version allows operator to call any number crosswise the world at a minimal price. You cannot only make voice calls but video calls as well. So, stay in touch by your loved ones by installing this video chat application for laptop right now.


Mobile Phones – A Science And Technology Miracle

The emergence of science and technology has brought new innovations, which has made life more comfortable for us. It has also birthed various forms of entertainment. The ease of access to these forms of entertainment ensures that consumers enjoy them thoroughly. When mobile phones were first introduced into the markets, they were bulky and ill-suited for carrying around. Their functions were limited, rate of data transfer slow, and had a low capacity to retain data. They also reduce the complication and cost of achieving desired objectives. The array of features available on a cell phone is nothing short of mind blowing; from powerful digital cameras, to audio and video recorders, to multimedia messaging services.

There are different gaming platforms for mobile gaming, email clients, web clients, document readers and music players. Some advanced top-end smart phones also have GPS navigation services, RDS radio receivers, personal digital assistant services, video calls, WIFI connection, facilities for watching and streaming videos, memory card reader, infrared, PTT, Bluetooth, dual line supports, and others. The fact that consumers have the power to customize their preferred settings and features in the phone, and download the apps they are interested in is a huge plus for those in the mobile phone trade. All mobile phones have common features such as the rechargeable battery, which serves as a power source. They also possess basic features for text messaging, phone calls, SIM card for GSM phones, and inputs like keypads or touch screens in smart phones. Feature phones, which are low end phones possess all the basic functions and some other useful features such as cameras and music players. They also have software applications like JAVA ME or BREW.

Over the years, the number of mobile phone users, and invariably, the number of mobile phone sales have continued to rise - a development that has resulted in the emergence of a multi-billion dollar mobile phone industry. The increasing use of mobile phones in medical institutions is as a result of the need to have information available at the drop of a hat. It is imperative because medical institutions deal with people’s lives, hence, their peculiar and unique situation. Related mobile devices have transformed the performance of hospitals by creating impact on health. Furthermore, mobility in healthcare pave the way for healthcare and patients by providing a safe and effective exchange of clinical data in health centers. Employing the use of the mobile app assists doctors in monitoring different aspects of the health of their patients. These 1G, 2G and 3G technologies have made way for the super-cool smart phones, some of which are high-end phones with processors and storage capacities that can be likened to the ones found in desktops 4 – 5 years ago.

Some programs enable doctors perform directly the opinion of their patients with the use of the smart phone. Medical applications help doctors diagnose some conditions and obtain results faster than if they were to use traditional tools. Therefore, it is safe to come to the conclusion that these devices play an important role in the next step for the medical industry. For health organizations, mobile applications play a huge role in delivering topnotch health care services, improved workflow and better interaction with patients. One other factor that has increased the demand for mobile applications for health is the level of adaptation to mobile technology and research approaches appropriate for the disease. The crucial roles these applications play cannot be overemphasized. Medical applications take a good knowledge of the responsibilities of health to a different level. With daily advancements in the mobile health applications, it would not be getting ahead of oneself to say that a revolution in the field of health is closer than we can imagine.

Benefits Of Mobile Health Apps

Best Treatment With First Class Care

Mobile applications provide the best possible health care. It provides the tools necessary for advanced mobile patient care to improve quality and differentiate the processing workloads.

Scheduling Appointments

Patients can book appointments with their physician through mobile health applications. This helps healthcare professionals manage their time and notifies them when a patient books or cancels an appointment.

Proactive Answer To Patient's Condition

Healthcare professionals can track a patient’s records and condition so as to be able to respond before it deteriorates. Mobile applications are also useful in updating care plans and maintaining lines of communication.

Improve Branding

Mobile health applications give your brand leverage by increasing its visibility. It also assists organizations in pushing send notifications, direct customers to the organization, and gives access to contact information such as phone numbers, e-mail, and websites.

Reduce Complication

Information relating to the health of patients can be stored in a transparent manner using mobile health applications. In other news, if you intend to sell real estate in Jamaica, the Real Estate Saleman’s Course #100H offered by the University of Technology, Jamaica is a good place to start. On excelling in the course, you are expected to go through some background checks to make sure you don’t have any hidden agendas or secrets concealed that may be an embarrassment to the profession. One of the checks is a police report. Individuals and assets need to be protected. In this light, it is only when an applicant has been cleared of any shady dealings in the past that a license can be issued to them. It ensures that the profession is practiced ethically.Some exceptions to a person selling properties without being duly licensed include; If such a one is an employee or agent of a duly authorized real estate dealer. If the sale or exchange was a one-off transaction and was not carried out with the intent to   carry out real estate business.

Salesman Course #100H

The Faculty of the Built Environment at the Jamaica University of technology offers a four weeks full time Salesman course. The material it provides helps you become an efficient agent in the local market. You will undergo training on how to transactions such as sales, rentals and leases for Jamaica Properties.

Background Checks

With the Real Estate industry being one where huge money transactions takes place, it is important to be certain of the moral history of those who intend to become players in it. A background check is conducted on each applicant in a bid to forestall cases of fraud, and any other form of corruption.

Interview with the Board

The next to do is to collate all the documents from your background and submit them. After which you should attend an interview with an officer from the Real Estate Board. The officer issues a final stamp of approval on your application to become a sales agent in Jamaica. If the commission charged by the seller does not exceed five percent of the sale. All monies payable to or by the seller and buyer respectively, under the contract for sale or exchange have been paid.

Commence the Art of Selling

More often than not, you will be employed to a licensed dealer in Jamaica after passing your exams and successfully scaling through the necessary checks to practice legally in Jamaica. The last step is an interview with the Jamaica Real Estate Board to obtain final approval to become a Sales Agent. The Jamaica Real Estate Board is the body that regulates the activities practitioners in real estate and land development.

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