2004 was a remarkable year that saw the sale of 674 million cell phones, and in 2005, that figure rose to 730 million. These figures testify to the immense popularity of cell phones.

The prices of cell phones depend on the brand, and the sort of features that can be found in them. Mobile applications have given a huge boost to the mobile phone industry.

Top of the range phones like the iPhone and Samsung are usually more expensive than the average brand, because of sheer amount of functions and technology they possess.

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Gregory Scott is a Software Developer, Web Master and Real Estate Agent from Jamaica. He has been a member of the Real Estate Developers Board for the past 5 years.


Gregory has been involved in carrying out extensive research on the latest developments in the mobile phone industry, and is seen as a trusted voice in determining phone usage trends.


He also spends considerable time and resources making laws to move the real estate industry in Jamaica forward, while conducting his own real estate business under the brand name –  Gregory Scott & Co Real Estate Developers. Scott practices in Kingston Jamaica, where he also lives with his family.

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