2004 was a remarkable year that saw the sale of 674 million cell phones, and in 2005, that figure rose to 730 million. These figures testify to the immense popularity of cell phones.

The prices of cell phones depend on the brand, and the sort of features that can be found in them. Mobile applications have given a huge boost to the mobile phone industry.

Top of the range phones like the iPhone and Samsung are usually more expensive than the average brand, because of sheer amount of functions and technology they possess.

Download & Install Best Video Calling Apps like Facetime App on PC Laptop

Video calls are no longer a luxury but more than a necessity. However, the technology behind the facility has been around for eras yet everybody relies on it heavily. In spite of everything, face to face conversations unquestionably add more personal touch to talks than those normal audio calls. Be it improving conversations with your parents, partner or best friends, it unquestionably reduces all the geographical walls and keeps you connected with your loved ones around the globe. Installing facetime on PC - Laptop. So, it must have the topmost video call software in your computer or smartphone.

Google Duo:

One useful calling app which works on Android devices and Apple. Through Google Duo installed for equally you along with the person on the other side, you may make as well as receive both videos, also audio calls for free. The simple downside the application is relatively new; thus, you may not get a lot of your contacts consuming it yet. Nevertheless, if you love the interface, you can at all times coax them onboard.


Certainly, the most popular term on this list, it has been about for a long time now. Skype has come an extensive way also has only been notching up in providing the best video calls for many years. Its interface is remaining the same, simple as well as easy to use, yet, with time the app has added many more beneficial features. The software offers equally paid and free call facility. Its paid version allows operator to call any number crosswise the world at a minimal price. You cannot only make voice calls but video calls as well. So, stay in touch by your loved ones by installing this video chat application for laptop right now.

WhatsApp Messenger:

One more free messaging application for iPads, iPhones, and Android expedient, WhatsApp allows you to text somebody, make a voice call, otherwise place a video call. You will see a contacts list who already have this app installed as well as are ready also waiting for you to make a call to them. The cool app also supports Macs and Windows, so you can utilize the software to send along with receiving video calls from your computer and smartphone also.


LINE is one more immensely widespread messaging app that claims to have an amazing 600 million active operators around the globe. As it turns out, it as well does video calling. Like Hangouts, there is cross-platform sustenance so you may make calls consuming your computer otherwise smartphone. Along with that, you will get prompt messaging, social networking aspects, group chats, and lots more.

Facebook Messenger:

If you are one of the 2 billion public who uses Facebook, you must have the Facebook Messenger application. If not, download it as of Apple’s App Store otherwise Google Play. It started life as a messaging app but now you can make video calls with the app. You can get Messenger video calls on your smartphone, or through a pc running Google Chrome, Firefox otherwise Opera.


Imo one of the topmost video calling software aimed at windows 7,10 for the reason that of its free accessibility and simple to user interface. The application offers multi device support, which you can utilize it not just on your smartphone but also on your computer, in the eases of your home! It has some actually cool as well as happy stickers to make your conversations livelier. It provides users to make video and audio calls as per their suitability. Using Imo is as humble as the good old mobile with calling as well as messaging facilities. The app is a hassle-free online video chatting for PC that can be utilized by one and all.

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